Get The Book Done University is a place where writers and authors can perfect their craft. Our founder Anita M. Dixon has successfully published over thirty books and is the CEO of Phoenix Publishing House, LLC. She has compiled all of her knowledge into a platform that will benefit other writers.

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"Out of the fire will come your greatest creation."

-Anita M. Dixon, CEO Phoenix Publishing House

Hi, I’m Anita M. Dixon, Founder of Get The Book Done University! I've self-published over thirty books over the course of six years.

It was hard teaching myself the in's and out's of writing & publishing but once I nailed it I decided I wanted to help others!

What you learn can never be taken from you! Thank you for choosing me to teach you the ropes! I don't hold back on information either!

Please email me, message me on social media if you have any questions!


IG: @offical_anitadixon

Facebook: @Authoranita1

Email: [email protected]